Who We Are

Johnny Thwaites

The Start Up Anthropologist

After studying anthropology at Edinburgh Johnny made films about his fieldwork in Northern Spain, returned turned to found a video production company and subsequently the UK’s largest physical media replication brokerage.

In the meantime, he founded and ran a nursery school in Richmond, became a well-known singer songwriter on London circuit and started a music label.

Between up 2004 and 2010 he launched an on-line video platform a DRM invention for flash memory and an innovative video search technology.

In 2013 Johnny had family relocated to Devon and has brought his skills and experience of developing start-ups to Billiemarble.

Fanny Jackson

The Writer & Director / Financial & Strategic

Fanny brings commercial and financial experience to client projects and works as business coach and mentor.








Jason Davies

Software & System Security Consultant

Jason originally trained in Electronic and Electrical Communications, and has worked as a Software Engineer for over 25 years developing systems for both military and civilian customers.

In 2009 he created Hawthorne Davies Ltd with a partner to market an infinitely scalable encryption algorithm that has divorced speed from strength.


Theresa Gun

Market Research

Theresa is head of Market Research and manages client training / investment events.





Niro Knox

Blade Marketing / Lead Generation Partner

Cutting Through the BS in Marketing.

Niro Knox logowww.blade-marketing.com


Mark Healey

Branding & Graphic Design

Mark uses over 25 years of industry experience to present your business with finesse and flair. By utilising data, research and market trends he builds positive perceptions of your service or product. Put your best foot forward and say hello to your new audience.


Robert Austin

High Ticket Closer

Robert closes high-value deals - on the phone and face to face

He has studied the art of high ticket sales and founded his own closing sales business Commission with Permission. He is a certified High Ticker Closer™ specialising in closing high ticket sales for business owners & entrepreneurs.